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About Gatwick
As one of the most well-known airports in the world, Gatwick Airport is the major travel hub of the UK. It’s the ninth busiest airport in all of Europe and has been a major part of British aviation since the 1920s. Having been used for commercial flights for close to 100 years now, too, it’s a major airport that has become one of the busiest single runway airports in the world.
It deals with millions of passengers every single year, which is one of the reasons why finding cheap flights to Gatwick Airport can be so tough. Thankfully, we’ve got your back in making sure you can fly to this Central London airport without the headache you might expect.
In terms of a good time to find cheap flights to Gatwick Airport, it would be hard to say. Most of the time, the ideal time to fly here will be just after the summer as this is when British aviation does take a minor dip after the summer months. However, really, it does depend on where you happen to be flying in from.
This is why we recommend that anyone who is looking for cheap flights to Gatwick Airport looks to use our service. We can show you the best places to fly from, and the best times, as well as helping you to find cheap car rentals in Gatwick Airport.
The same goes for finding cheap hotels near Gatwick Airport; you have many options. Using our platform, you can easily find access to quality hotels which are based nearby the airport. This allows for much quicker entry and exits from the airport, ensuring that you can arrive and then leave without any of the usual hassle and time being wasted. This is just one of the many reasons why people choose to use our service to find cheap hotels in Gatwick Airport.
Our Recommendations
Got time to kill at Gatwick Airport? Then you should look to take a short jaunt and visit the Gatwick Aviation Museum. This is a fact-filled journey that should help you to learn all about the history of the airport and the history of aviation in the country. It’s great for showing you the ‘Golden Age’ of British aviation, too, and remarking the journey that this country took to become a major aviation power.
Chartwell House is one for political buffs to visit, as this was the former home of Sir Winston Churchill. This will give you a chance to enjoy its amazing landscape, with tours held all-year round. For a trip around a Country Garden, make time to go to Wakehurst Place; a natural beauty that has many seasonal events hosted all-year round.
There’s much to do if you choose to come and spend your time in this amazing airport. Whether you venture just outside of the airport or a bit further into London, finding things to do really should not be so tough.

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