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About Gran Canaria
If you intend to come to the Canary Islands, then a trip to the beautiful Gran Canaria should be high up on your list of things to do. With our help in finding cheap flights to Gran Canaria, you can get here on a fantastic saving without any issue. As the third largest of the Canaries, it’s one of the most populous by far with almost half of the island population staying here.

It’s very interesting to traverse, too; you can head from beautiful alpine greenery in one area to stunning deserts in the southern part of the island. You can find that one afternoon could see you walking through the stunning sunshine, while another could see you fighting through fog to see the beauty all around you. It’s a breath-taking location and manages to package in enough entertainment for more than a few holidays all at once!

When it comes to finding cheap flights to Gran Canaria, you might be shocked to know that the summer and spring seasons are the most expensive. Gran Canaria is a popular place for European tourists looking for some sun, as well as for expats looking for a tremendous place to settle down. Whether you prefer the desert region or the lush mountainous regions, you’ll find somewhere to settle down for any season in Gran Canaria.

Even in January, you can expect to see average temperatures in the 20C mark. This helps you to find just how easy it is to enjoy a comfortable temperature all-year round, with the average low being as high as 15C. Many seasonal events take place, too, though things like the Maspalomas Lighthouse and the Puerto de Morgan are available to come and visit all-year round.

Don’t worry about the seasonal price variation, though. With our help, you can easily get the help that you need to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria without having to worry about arriving out of the most enjoyable seasons. With cheap car hire in Gran Canaria possible, too, getting around to its many hotspots is going to be much easier than you might assume.

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Then you only need to let us know and we can take a look for you. We can often find quality yet affordable hotels across Gran Canaria during any of the season you come to visit in.

With many thousands of hotels and resorts to stay in, we’ll make sure that you can easily find the most reliable and affordable hotels in Gran Canaria at any time of the year. Just use our comparison program to find the cheapest hotels, cheapest flights, and cheapest car rental options to help you spend less and get more.

Our Recommendation
Our recommendation for Gran Canaria: be sure to make time to come and visit the tremendous Tejeda. Few other parts of Gran Canaria can be quite so beautiful; a fine place for quiet drinks or wild parties, whatever you happen to fancy is possible in this sublime, eye-catching little mountaintop village.

For those who might fancy hitting up the big city, though, be sure to make time to go to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This historical capital is one of the best places to come and visit, especially if you go to visit the amazing Vegueta district. It’s full of exciting things to do, colourful characters, and engaging activities.

For those on the lookout for something to do in the outdoors, be sure to head out to Barranco de Guayadeque. This amazing location will have you firing up an amazing ravine while allowing you to enjoy dining in a restaurant fitted into a cave.
So, can you see now why so many people are looking for cheap flights to Gran Canaria? With so much to do, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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