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Ibiza is without a doubt one of the most polarising places that you can visit in the world. Come out during the day and outside of the summer months, and it’s a splendid location to spend your time. There will be a distinct lack of tourists and partiers during the day, but there’s something about the nightlife here that can turn even quiet people into party animals!
And with the ease of finding cheap flights to Ibiza, you should have no problem at all in being able to simply come out and enjoy this city like never before. It’s the kind of location that can really change how you feel about partying – especially if you aren’t someone who parties to excess.
Anyone looking for cheap flights to Ibiza in June or July is going to be pushing their luck, to be honest. This is when the weather is at its best, the parties are at their most exotic, and the tourists are at their most intense. This can be quite a hard place to relax in if you come during this time, though we’re sure the almost perennially brilliant weather will help to make up for that!
However, if you wish to enjoy a ‘best of both worlds’ side of Ibiza then you might find trips in May or August work well. The sun is still residing in the sky until all hours, the parties are still pleasant, and there is still ample opportunity for you to cut loose a little and just have some fun.
If you are on the lookout for cheap hotels in Ibiza, then we can help you to find locations. Hotels are a dime-a-dozen here, making it really easy for you to find some quality venues to rest and reside within. It’s a great place to spend your time, which is why you should have no problem in finding some great hotels to stay at.
If you need help finding anything from cheap hotels in Ibiza to cheap car rentals, we can help you do that. This will make travelling around this deeply interesting, engaging island a much easier experience. Especially if you want to avoid getting dragged into an impromptu party session!
Our Recommendations
In terms of things to do, Ibiza has many great choices for everyone. Sure, you could go and rest on the beach or down by the marinas. Or you could choose to go out clubbing and find some best mates for the evening. But the island itself is loaded with places to be. Head near Cala Carbo and you can find Stonehenge – a truly special monument well worth visiting.
Not far from it you can find Platges de Comte; one of the best beaches in the country by far. If you want to enjoy a night out on the Ramparts, too, you can; it’s a great place to see some spectacular sights both man-made and natural. If nature is your thing, hit the southeast of the island up and head to the Platja de Ses Salines; a truly awesome beach that has the Parc Natural de Ses Salines right next to it.
So, if you are looking to take part in some fun in Ibiza, you won’t be long in finding some very inspiring options and opportunities.

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