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About Lanzarote
For most travellers, Lanzarote is likely a place you’ve had circled as a ‘must visit’ for some time. It’s a sun-kissed location that needs no introduction for many travellers and is easily one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in Spain.

As part of the world-famous Canary Islands, a trip here has been common for people across Europe, including Britons. Luckily for you, finding cheap flights to Lanzarote is very easy  with our help.
The tremendous climate and the fact it’s the fourth largest of the islands in the Canary Islands makes it a great place to escape to for some peace and quiet. From its tremendous restaurants like the Restaurante Lilium to the tremendous Cesar Manrique, there is much to discover and learn about Lanzarote by taking a trip here.



While seasonal prices will always be dictated to by demand, you should find that flying here in the summer is the most expensive option. However, this isn’t a place you should worry about only seeing in summer. Compared to the weather you might be used to, Lanzarote can still feel like summer even as we approach the winter months!
Normally, it’s easier to find cheap flights to Lanzarote through our service at any time of the year.

If value is your main desire, though, then winter or autumn is sure to provide you with the best prices as we move out of the usual spring/summer seasons.
Many people come here to either live as expats or to simply enjoy a prolonged break from the stresses of life.

Cheap flights can be found in the winter and autumn mostly, especially if travelling from Europe. Getting around to see all of Lanzarote, including its smaller locales and villages, is easily done using public transport and/or car rental which is extremely cheap – as low as €15/day!
Check out our comparisons above and we’ll make sure you can get the cheapest car hire in Lanzarote.


As you might imagine, a key tourist location such as Lanzarote is absolutely loaded with quality hotels. If you intend on relaxing out on the Canary Islands, then you should absolutely look to use our hotel comparison program. this will make sure that you can pick from one of the hundreds of hotels available, all making sure you can get quality hotels, cheap vehicle hire, and affordable flights to Lanzarote. Hotel finding can be tough, but we look to take the pressure and stress out of the experience for you.
Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you can find cheap hotels in Lanzarote without having to look too far. With affordable accommodation, you can enjoy the numerous amenities that exist in this amazing place.

Our Recommendations:
Our recommendations for anyone heading to Lanzarote: make sure you take the time to visit the Puerto del Carmen. This is probably the most famous resort area on the island, and was also the very first to have been developed. Other good alternatives for a long, relaxing rest in Lanzarote would include trips to the Costa Teguise or the Playa Blanca.
Either way, you should find that there is much to do in all three venues. Each provides you with easy access to stunning cobblestoned streets, enjoyable and ethical food to eat, and trendy bars to hang around and mingle with the locals. If you are looking for a simple way to enjoy this amazing place, then the sheer variation of culture, attractions, and amenities should make sure you don’t have to travel too far from your resort spot in this amazing resort.

If you’ve secured cheap flights to Lanzarote from us, be sure to look at the trio of awesome places above to go and visit. You won’t regret it!

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