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About Madrid
As one of the most prominent and important cities in Spain, Madrid is a true Iberian metropolis. It’s by far and away one of the most exciting cities in the country to come and visit, and is a host of some truly fantastic things to do. However, for those who are looking to have a good time in the Spanish capital the sheer amount of things to do can be tough to work out.
From taking a trip to one of its many famous football clubs to enjoying some fantastic Spanish cuisine in one of hundreds of restaurants, the main challenge with coming to Madrid is making enough time for everything!
Come here during any time of year, and the weather is pretty nice. Madrid can be a bit too hot to handle in the summer months for some though, and it can be extremely busy. Most things tend go up in price a touch during the summer, too, so you should expect to pay a touch more for things as you go about your daily duties if you come during late spring and all of summer.
Winter can be a good time to arrive, too, with many hotels less busy and there generally being more value for money. However, with many cultural events taking place during the spring and the summer, it often makes sense to take some cheap flights to Madrid when you see them!
In terms of hotels, you should have no problem finding cheap hotels in Madrid regardless of when you arrive. Really, the seasonal issue is all about being able to get around and actually do things. It can be much harder to find the time that you need to do things in Madrid if you come along during the summer months, but cheap hotels in Madrid are never too scarce.
You might need to avoid the city centre for cheap Madrid hotels, but you can find plenty of advice and information through our site. We’ll be more than happy to give you some useful details on where to go and where to stay if you are looking for affordable accommodation.
Our Recommendations
It’s hard to recommend everything in Madrid, but the three things we recommend you make time for are nightlife, food, and football. If you have never taken in a European football match, then heading to one of the Wanda Metropolitano or the Santiago Bernabeu is an absolute must!
Outside of sport, you can find some exceptional night clubs, bars, and restaurants to go and enjoy. These venues are often loaded with foods you simply will not find elsewhere and drinks to try out that will blow your mind. Madrid is a city that knows all about giving people a chance to have a good time; so why not secure some cheap flights to Madrid and check out the city for all of its glory?
Even simply taking a stroll through its many parks and squares can make a trip to Madrid such a satisfying, calming experience. Out of all the cities in Spain that you might choose to come and visit, Madrid probably offers the most. If you like your art, then make time to head to the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia; one of the best art museums that you will find anywhere in Europe!

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