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cheap flights to Malaga

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Malaga: Malaga needs no introduction for most of us. The Costa del sol is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world especially for the Brits, being only a two hour flight away and with plenty of cheap flights to Malaga. Spain and the Costa del sol has always been a big hit for the British. Not only is it popular for British though the rest of Europe love the hot climate of Spain and the cheap flights that are available so much so that in the months between July and September the Costa del Sol attracts over 7 million tourists. The most popular destinations are Fuengirola, Marbella, Benalmadena and Torremolinos with Gibraltar being very popular further west and the beautiful village of Nerja right at the very end of the province of Malaga to the east.


Flight prices vary through the year, as with anywhere, but during the off peak seasons there are many cheap flights to Malaga making it the perfect Spring, Autumn or even winter getaway. Summer is obviously more expensive and of course a lot hotter but there is something for everyone along this beautiful coast whether it Summer, Autumn, Spring or Winter. The costa del sol has always had a fair number of British, German and Scandinavian ex-pats living there due to the low cost of living, the low property prices and of course the cheap flights that are available from the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe, but if its traditional Spanish you are looking for there are plenty of unspoilt villages in the region that have lovely traditional bars, tapas and authentic Flamenco. Mijas pueblo, Frigiliana and Competa are to name but a few so hiring a car when you get here is a must if you want to do a bit of exploring. Care hire is very cheap in Spain, as low as 15€ per day, try our car comparison above and we guarantee you will find the cheapest car hire in Malaga or on the Costa del sol.


So if you havent booked your hotel and are looking for cheap hotels in Malaga on the costa del sol then try our comparison chart above for the cheapest flights. Theres thousands of hotels all the way along the coast and we guarantee the best prices and the cheapest hotels, the cheapest car hire and of course we will always promise you cheap flights to Malaga, at least try us and see!


Our recomendations on a trip to the Costa del sol: Nerja is a lovely place to stay if you want somewhere thats a bit more upmarket without being more expensive. Its not known for its party like atmosphere although there is plenty there for the younger generation. With its mix of oldy woldy cobbled streets and trendy bars and restaurants, beautifully maintained beaches and its friendly family atmosphere this is the perfect holiday destination for families and couples that want a relaxing holiday. If you want to party hard then turn right at Malaga Airport!

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