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About Tenerife
If you are looking for a trip to the spectacular Canary Islands, then a tremendous place to come and look at would be Tenerife. This special location offers something a bit more scenic than some of the other Canary Islands, with no shortage of rocks to climb, locations to visit, and towns to relax in. With over 6m visitors in a single year, this is a very popular hot spot for those who are looking to enjoy a happy mixture of culture, clubbing, and charisma.
Few places in the world can be quite as fun and as engaging to come and visit as Tenerife. It’s definitely one of the best locations for those who love white sandy beaches and cocktails. However, beyond the nights out and the chaos, you can enjoy a tremendous range of diverse mountain ranges to visit and spectacular sights to see in its various ancient towns.
The best times to book some cheap flights to Tenerife really depend on what kind of person you are. If you are someone who likes to spend a fair bit of time down at the beach and mingling with the other holiday-goers, then you should check for cheap flights in May, June, and July. However, it tends to be the best time for those who like to drink all evening and party all morning.
For those who want quality weather without it being sizzling, you should look to head on down to this amazing part of the Canary Islands in some time like April or even August. The weather is still sublime, but there is often less hustle-bustle going on in the street. Cheap flights to Tenerife can be found relatively easily, and cheap car hire in Tenerife is available all-year round for simple to-and-fro from the various locations you might wish to come and explore.
In terms of finding cheap hotels in Tenerife, this should not be a problem for you. This is a big island and as it gets so many millions of visitors each there, it’s natural for people to want to come here and get cheap accommodation. With hundreds if not thousands of hotels and venues to stay, you should really have no problem in location for you to come and rest in.
Cheap yet quality hotels are available in the main city but also across its numerous small towns and villages. Take a look at the numerous cheap hotels in Tenerife that we have found, and you should have little to no issue in simply enjoying this amazing location for what it is.
Our Recommendations
In terms of things to do? Start on the far west of the island near the Guia de Isora and you can visit the tremendous Acantilados de los Gigantes. This is a natural part of the island, and something that all landscape lovers should absolutely fall in love with upon arrival.
Smack bang in the middle of the island is the Parque Nacionale del Teide, where within you can see the beautifully imposing Pico del Teide – a truly stunning big mountain that should make you want to climb to the peak. Be warned, though; it’s not for the faint hearted!
To the east, you will find Candelaria – a truly exceptional place to stop off, especially as it is home to the breathaking Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria; one of the most beautiful churches you are likely to find anywhere on these islands.
So, whether you are here for sight-seeing, some partying, some tourism, or some relaxation on one of its many beaches, why not book up some cheap flights to Tenerife and come along to enjoy something truly different from what you would have expected?

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