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Valencia: If you are looking for cheap flights to Valencia then you are definately in the right place. Valencia lies on the South east coast of Spain about an hour and a half north of Benidorm. Its the 3rd largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and is resident to about 800,000 people.

Valencia is used mainly by tourists for the airport which is a nice drive away from the popular tourist destination of Benidorm. However if you are looking for a city wth a bit of culture then this a marvellous place to visit.

It is well known for its breathtaking modern architecture, its huge port and its famous fiestas and carnivals. It has a relatively nice all year round temperature being on the south east coast of Spain and off season cheap flights to Valencia are easily attainable.

It is not your typical tourist destination but with its abundance of stylish coffee bars and restaurants this city has a certain cosmopolitan feel.


Cheap hotels in Valencia are in abundance as well as stylish 5 star hotels and as its not necesarily what is classed as a tourist city the prices are very affordable. See above in our hotel search widget for the best prices on cheap hotels in Valencia.

If Valencia is not your thing and you are maybe travelling to Benidorm then we have lots of options for cheap hotels there too.

Hiring a car is advisable as there are lots of nice little ¨pueblos¨ around Valencia, Denia and Xabia being two of note. So if you are thinking of going to this beautiful part of Spain and need cheap flights to Valencia, you are just a few clicks away.


Benidorm is one of the busiest tourist resorts in Spain. Well known for its buzzing nightlife, Benidorm has something for everyone, young and old.

If its culture your looking for then Benidorm probably isnt the place for you, but if you are looking for a lively holiday with the option of non stop partying and cocktails round the pool, then a cheap flight to Valencia or a cheap flight to Alicante and a short journey the other end and you are there!


Our recommendations on a trip to Valencia: Valencia is a lovely city to stay in, its very Spanish (obviously) so dont expect fish and chips and a pint of ale but its highly recommended to stay there at least a day or two.

If you want a nice mix of Spanish and tourists with it being too touristy then Xavia is a quaint little village with a nice mix of both cultures. It is about an hours drive away so a hire car is advisable as taxis in Spain are not known as the cheapest.

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